Distribution Services

As part of each print book publishing plan with Mill City Press, you’ll be able to choose the distribution options that best meet the needs of your book.

All distribution options (listed below) provide you access to sales reports and inventory (if applicable) so you can monitor how your book is doing. We compile your sales data from all retailers into one easy location.

International Distribution: International Distribution lists your book with distributors overseas. When orders are placed, copies of your book are actually printed on demand from the United Kingdom and shipped worldwide, making it easy for international customers to get a copy of your book.

Traditional Distribution: Your book is printed ahead of time in large quantities and stored in a warehouse, where a distributor is responsible for fulfilling orders from wholesalers and retailers. Along with your detailed marketing plan, we’ll present your book to book buyers, who make the decision as to whether your book gets the opportunity to be shelved in brick-and-mortar stores.

Print-on-Demand (POD): Your book is printed only when someone orders it, and orders are fulfilled by the POD distributor, Ingram. Your book will always be listed as in-stock, and you can skip the upfront printing expenses and the later storage fees associated with traditional distribution.

Direct-to-Reader Sales Page: A sales page where your book can be purchased by readers without going through a retailer. If you’ve printed books ahead of time and stored them in a warehouse, a distributor fulfills the order. If your book is POD, the order will be fulfilled by the POD distributor. A direct-to-reader sales page can also be used in conjunction with traditional or print-on-demand distribution.

Not sure what type of distribution is right for you? Check out the available distribution resources in our Author Learning Center.


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