Print-On-Demand – $529

Print-on-demand (POD) distribution is ideal if you don’t want to worry about running out of inventory, or if you want to skip the upfront printing expenses and later storage fees that come with printing a large run of books at once. To get the best royalties, and to make your book as widely available as possible, we’ll list your book with Lightning Source/Ingram, a major POD distributor, for one year (renewable yearly). There are over 30,000 online retailers that sell books, and through Ingram your book is made available to any of them that wish to order copies.

With POD distribution, there’s no physical inventory of your book. Bookstores, other retailers, and consumers can order copies, and your books are printed and delivered as needed.

Because there’s no physical inventory, we’re also able to list POD books for sale internationally—and your book prints in the country it’s ordered in. This allows you to reach a wider audience in the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, and Germany, along with other countries in Europe.

Is POD Distribution right for you? Our distribution resource in the Author Learning Center can help you decide.


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