Have you ever read a book you just couldn’t put down? Have you ever stayed up way past your bedtime because you just couldn’t stop reading? Can you imagine your book capturing a reader like that?

Here are six tips that can make your book a page-turner:

1. Write about something you are passionate about. Your life story, family history, politicals, animal rights−whatever has the most meaning to you. Passion is always the key ingredient to great writing and is very contagious.

2. Develop a compelling theme overflowing with meaning. Pick a solid message or strong story for your book and let that guide your writing. A book that stays on point keeps the reader involved.

3. Make an impact with your first sentence. Start with an opening that sparks curiosity or makes the reader ask questions. Referred to many writers as a hook, your book should begin with elements that pull the reader right into the middle of your story or teaching.

4. Use the power of story. Nothing draws people into a theme as a story does. Don’t just \”tell\” the reader what you want them to know. Wherever possible, provide stories that illustrate what you mean.

5. Leave out the parts people skip. A book that goes on and on to make a point is one people will skim over or even put down. Concentrate on your reader and think about what they want to read. Sometimes it means leaving things out.

6. Hire a good editor to polish your book. Behind every bestseller stands an editor who helped develop the book’s flow. Don’t skip this important step to making sure your book reads well.

Remember you can lean on Mill City Press to help make your book as strong as it can be. Make the decision to write and hopefully, these tips will help!