There’s a lot going on in the self-publishing world. That’s why every Friday we share the best of what our staff has been reading this week. Check out our suggestions below!

On Marketing

Your Book Promotion Cheat Sheet from Cathy Stucker 

Book promotion can be difficult, but this post might make it easier. Who doesn’t want a cheat sheet?

Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy from Jane Friedman

Like book promotion, writing back cover copy is tough. Here’s a breakdown for nonfiction and fiction books.

The Best Way to Sell Books: Follow This Marketing Rule from The Write Life

Arm your marketing arsenal with this rule.

On Publishing

The Plot Twist: Ebook Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead from NY Times

Ebook sales from traditional publishers fall and print sales increase. Is this a sign that ebooks aren’t as popular? Only time will tell.

Do You Love Your Publisher from Jane Friedman

Are traditional publishers all they’re cracked up to be? Jane Friedman interviewed 812 authors and shares the results.

Why You Should BYOA (Bring Your Own Audience) from INC

Tired of hearing about author platforms? Too bad. Bill Carmody lays down the advantages of a built-in audience.

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Writing Career? from Kristen Lamb

Are you a perfectionist? Kristen Lamb tells you why your perfectionism keeps you from moving forward.

On Writing

Warning: Poor Choice of Your Character’s Goal Is Killing Your Story from K.M. Weiland

K.M. Weiland says that your story lives and dies by the character’s goal because it’s what drives the plot.

Coffee Talk: Finding Words in the Gap from Brooks Editorial

Having trouble getting the words down? Ashley from Brooks Editorial gives you a few activities to do when you’re struggling with writing.

Character Likability and Subtext from Jami Gold

How can you add layers and write well-developed non-POV characters? Jami Gold shares some ideas with you.