In 2015, the MCP team helped many authors self-publish their books. In between all their hard work, they managed to find time to write a few posts to help you, too. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Mill City Press blog posts from 2015, all in one convenient location!

1. 11 Biggest Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make

Our publishing consultant, Michelle, has talked with a lot of authors over the past six years, and in this post, she lays down common pitfalls for self-published authors—and what you can do to avoid them.

2. F. Scott Service’s Thoughts on Self-Publishing

Our very own F. Scott Service shared his experience with self-publishing, and why it was the right choice for him. Could it be the right choice for you, too?

3. Authors: Use Blogging to Promote Your Work

How often have you heard authors need to blog? This post tells you why it’s so important, and how you can get started blogging today.

4. Goodreads Authors: 6 Surprising Tips for Promoting Your Book

There are 30 million readers on Goodreads, so it can a great place to promote your book… if you know the best ways to do it. This post gives you six tips you may not already know. (And if you do, give yourself a high five.)

5. The Book Marketing Approach That Doesn’t Work

Our publicist, Robin, has worked with a lot of authors, and she’s found that there’s one approach to marketing your book that never works. Don’t make this mistake.

6. 4 Must-Have Elements of a Social Media Profile

You know it, we know it. Social media is a huge part of building your author platform. These four elements of a social media profile will go a long way toward getting the right social foundation in place.

7. Why I Edit by Robert Schmidt

Meet one of our editors, Robert, as he explains why he edits and what’s so fun about it. Yes, editing can be fun!

8. 4 Signs You’re Ready to Publish

Are you ready to publish? These signs will help you determine whether you’re ready. (And if you are, you should definitely reach out to one of our publishing consultants to talk about next steps.)

9. How to Promote Your Book with Media Outreach

Although the book publishing industry is changing (and so are the marketing options), media outreach might still be a great option for your book. This post gives you insight about promoting fiction and nonfiction books.

10. The Anatomy of Good Author Website

A website is a vital part of an author’s platform. This post tells you what kind of information you should include and what to keep in mind when you create your own.

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